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TNT Studio S&T / Snow Wolf Kar98K S+ 470mm RetroFit Kit

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The Retrofit Kit is a set of precision S+ barrel and a one-piece upgrade chamber. Manufactured by T-N.T. Studio and designed specifically for Kar98k airsoft rifles made by S&T and Snow Wolf.

Package includes

  • CNC Hop-Up Chamber
  • Precision barrel S + 6.03mm, length 470mm
  • TR Hop-Up rubber band
  • TR rubber band pressure
  • Two rubber centring rings barrel

The Retrofit Kit is the ideal solution to increase the performance and accuracy of your Kar98k, provided to us by our very talented friends at AirsoftPro.

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The chamber is made of aluminium alloy on CNC machines. Provides an excellent alternative to the original plastic chamber. It offers a better seal, a higher-quality Hop-Up bucking with a TR-Hop protrusion and a shaped rubber band pressure.

Hop-Up rubber is included in the package. It is similar to the VSR type, but has a narrower inlet for better sealing. The big difference is the shaped protrusion inside, which fits better and on a larger area on the ball. This is also supported by the metal shaped pressure. The contact surface of the rubber protrusion on the ball is thus larger and the rotation of the ball is more stable.


Stainless steel barrel T-N.T. S + has an inner diameter of 6.03mm and a length of 470mm. The barrel has a unique design. At the entrance against the Hop-Up cutout there is a 0.04 mm high micro hump. This hump, which is difficult to see with the human eye, moves the BBs in the barrel slightly higher – coaxial. Exactly in the axis of the barrel, ready to fire. The contact area between the BB and the barrel is smaller and this reduces friction, supports Hop-Up rotation.To spin the BB, less pressure is enough and it is not a problem to “Hop Up” even heavy bullets.

The end of the barrel (its mouth) is widened with grooves. This creates an air cushion for the ball and the exhaust air is directed straight in the firing axis. There are also two centering rubber rings on the barrel. Apply silicone oil to these rings before inserting them into the outer barrel.


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