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Laylax PSS10 – VSR-10 Cylinder Head

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Laylax – PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head for VSR – Silver, a must have upgrade components proven time after time to improve the air seal of your VSR/BAR-10 sniper rifle. Combined with the Teflon cylinder you can expect a great FPS increase along with shot after shot consistency. The actual nozzle is slightly thicker than normal but the section that goes into your hop unit is normal sized. This improves the air seal dramatically. The inside of the cylinder head has a thing sorbathene pad to reduce sound and is tapered in to improve the airflow and efficiency of your rifle.

  • Improved air seal design
  • O-ring to prevent unwinding
  • Shock pad to prevent noise and part damage at high FPS
  • Removable design

Designed to have an improved tip shape to the cylinder head nozzle which provides a better air seal than the original tm version.  Also the sorbo pad absorbs shocks from the piston which improves the life of internal parts and reduces sound.  It has a rubber o ring to prevent the screwed on cylinder head from unwinding during use which is why tm use a pin method.  Once you have converted to the screw on style you will be able to do full cylinder take downs with ease.

This version is screw on and can only be used with other threaded cylinders like the laylax pss teflon cylinder, it will not work with the original tm cylinder which uses a pin method to pin the original cylinder head in place.

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