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A&K MK43

£574.99 inc. VAT

A&K MK43

£574.99 inc. VAT

The Replica


A&K have made a name for themselves with their faithful replicas of S.A.W (Squad Automatic Weapons).


Supplied with a 2500R Box Magazine, you’ll be the enemy teams target number one as you supply unrelenting, suppressive fire onto their positions, keeping their heads down and allowing your team mates to move up unto their objectives. All this plastic pew-pew is powered through A&Ks bespoke gearbox that is capable of sending BBs downrange at rates of up to 800 rpm – whoa! All models are fitted with a bipod for you to pivot behind whilst aiming down adjustable iron sights.


The Original


The MK43 is a modern variant of the M60 Machine Gun that first entered service in 1957. The M60 Is a hard hitting Machine Gun, chambered in 7.52x52mm NATO and was first introduced for the US infantry as a S.A.W but often found itself mounted to other pieces of military hardware such as tanks, armoured transports and attack helicopters.


The MK43 itself was developed by the US Navy specifically for their highly specialised Navy SEALs teams. One of the main requirements was to have a ‘shorter barrelled M60’ so that it could be used for both suppressive fire and direct fire. The forward pistol grip improved accuracy control when standing/ crouched and a bipod is fitted for prone firing positions. As with many M60/ M249 models, the barrel can be quick changed should it fail from the heat generated by sustained fire.

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