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6 Shooters Hexshot V2 for Dan Wesson/Wingun Revolvers (Low Power

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Introducing the 2nd version of the Hexshot for Dan Wesson, Wingun and GunHeaven revolvers. The main body of the Hexshot is still a strong, solid plastic, but the tips are made from a hard rubber material to hugely increase air seal and consistency compared to the V1 Hexshot. The BBs simply press-fit into the ends of each shell and will stay in place without fear of losing the BBs when travelling.

The Low Power Hexshot is recommended for revolvers with 6″ or 8″ barrels and longer to reduce the muzzle velocity to a legal, safe limit for airsoft sites. Our tests have shown similar results to the power of the ASG power down shells meaning the 8″ barrel fires at approximately 300-310 FPS over 18 shots and the 6″ 715 fired at approximately 260-280 FPS over 18 shots. For the 4″ barrel revolvers check your current FPS with standard shells to confirm whether you need the High or Low power Hexshot

Each Hexshot is tested for consistency and strength before leaving.

  • Hard rubber BB retention
  • Improved air seal and consistency
  • Keeps FPS below 350 FPS
  • Base Printed with PLA
  • Heads printed with TPU A95

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6 Shooters airsoft

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